Leslie Jean-Bart
Portrait Published

Reality & Imagination:
A Mirror of Life

I photograph the visuals that I see as I look into the space & time created between the movement of the tide and the sand.

In a fleeting moment the ebb and flow of the tide mixed with the sand of the beach that quickly absorbs it, reflects whatever happens to be within reach. This theatre of fleetingly vanishing ghosts is what I seek to work with. The images in this series were created during that fraction of space and time, before the reflected scene disappeared, never to return in its present form. It is, for me, a dance between the reality within these defined boundaries and the constant filtering of these occurrences by my imagination. My aim is to interpret the reality I am presented on the spot and in doing so to challenge my imagination and that of the viewer.

Creating from this constant flow and mix of the sea, sand, sky and human form also reminds me of how as an immigrant one is often able to instantly experience occurrences from the perspective of both the native and adopted land. This permits one at times to experience a reality removed from the two perspectives by creating something new in and of itself. It is this internal dynamic or flow and mix of disparate elements that constitutes the operational principle for this series.

This on going series is a body of work of 50 images that were edited from hundred of images shot over the past 4 years. I define these images as “One Piece Collages” due to the way the various disparate elements that make them came together in an instant on the spot.          

Although this body of work is shot digitally, Photoshop is used only to process the raw files and to adjust contrast at times. Otherwise all of the images appear as they were shot in camera.


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